Sunday, March 20, 2011

Teas to relieve cough

Natural expectorant
Tila tea is a natural expectorant. It also relieves the cough, relieves the bronchi and healthy respiratory.

Ginger tea
It grates a tajadita of ginger and is missing a cup of boiling water. Let stand a few minutes, strain and sweetens with honey. It takes about 3 times a day until that it would relieve the cough.

Mint tea
Take away the leaves to a stick of fresh mint. They throw in an ollita and will crush. Miss them two cups of water and put to boil. It is low to fire slow for a few minutes. When the yellowish water is, is removed from the heat. Strain and add a little honey. Menthol from Mint is a good natural expectorant which arrala the phlegm and makes them more easy to remove.
It should not use Mint if you have gallbladder problems.

Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea is especially useful for dry cough. For more eficacio you can add lemon juice and honey.

Natural syrup for cough
Video: How to make syrup of thyme and onion cough syrup
Medicinal plants to relieve cough
Home remedies for cough

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