Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baba of caracol: benefits and properties for the skin

propiedades baba caracolToday we can find an interesting variety of creams and natural treatments that provide us with the opportunity to not only take care of our skin, but of nourish it both external and internally, and moisturize it correctly.We can also find us with full and completely natural products that offer us many benefits and properties, as it is the case - for example - aloe vera for skin, or caviar for the skin.But if there is a treatment which, in recent times, tend to enjoy greater prominence, it is called as baba spiral. If you want to know what benefits you bring to your skin, this time you talk about the different properties of the snail slime.The baba spiral is a substance highly beneficial for the skin, and particularly against wrinkles, because it is capable of strengthening the natural response of the skin against those negative external aggressions.It also increases the elasticity of the skin, at the same time that it reinforces the cellular nutrition and dermal capillaries, regenerates the brands of acne or scars, and even help in the removal of stains.You summarized below some of the most important benefits of the snail slime : increases the elasticity of the skin.It regenerates the skin, helping to blur the brands of acne, spots or scars.It strengthens the natural response of the skin.It reinforces the dermal capillaries.It reinforces the cellular nutrition.In Naturbelleza / benefits of the snail slimewe'd love to hear your opinion. Please make sure that your comments are related to the theme of this post. Promotional or considered SPAM comments will not be accepted.

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