Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Properties and benefits of cucumber

Important! You should always consult with a physician before trying these or any other home remedy

The cucumber is a vegetable that besides being almost indispensable in most salads, is very beneficial to the health of our body. The main element of the cucumber is the water and for all we know, that water is the main element of our body. In addition, the water found in the cucumber helps quench the thirst.

The cucumber is a great help natural in the fight against the envelope weight. Due to its high content in water, it is highly recommended to eat between meals, as it gives a feeling of fullness and makes us feel satisfied and therefore do not eat more.

Its water content also makes the cucumber excellent in the care of our skin. Best thing is that it works for any type of skin. Cucumber helps restore and moisturize the skin it contains vitamin E. It also gives elasticity to the skin, because it also counts with silicic acid, which is in charge of strengthen the connective tissue.

To take advantage of the properties of the cucumber skin, apply the cucumber in slices on your skin, or in some areas that need special care and after a few minutes, feel your skin more relaxed, moisturized and soft.

In the case of people suffering from diabetes, the cucumber is extremely advisable, and that it has a very low amount in carbohydrates and sugars.
A very interesting detail about the cucumber, is in its shell. Precisely lies in the skin, vitamin E and fiber, essential for the internal cleaning.

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