Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video: Tricks home so fast grow hair

Important! You should always consult with a physician before trying these or any other home remedy

Now I will give two tips to grow hair fast. The first I'm going to give saw it in this magazine, is a very nice magazine that brings remedies of beauty, health and tips for the home. In this magazine I read that to grow the fastest hair, it has to do this exercise every day. They are the fingers as well, in the scalp and are jaloncitos and leave the jaloncito for 10 seconds. 10 Seconds, they change positions elsewhere in the hair and are the jaloncito for another 10 seconds and thus, by the hair, all hair will be giving the jaloncito.

This exercise can do watching TV, can do reading, can do watching videos on YouTube, in short, it is very easy.

The other is well facilitated, what I read in a book of reflexology and consists of rubbing the nails, for five minutes a day. Then every day, rub the nails as well and the same, you can be watching TV, you can be reading.

And since those are the two tips I have them, so that the hair grow them faster. On the site of my, I also have many more, many more recipes to make hair grow faster, so if you like to give a vueltita out there, then I invite you to visit and see, which of all it works.

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