Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Risk of pregnancy in menopause

riesgo-embarazo-menopausiaOn many occasions you have talked about both the health of women in menopause, menopause so that we have met some interesting aspects that help women to take care of his health during this very important stage of his life.

A very good idea, for example, is knowing what are the main symptoms of menopause, so thus the doctor or specialist enter the most appropriate treatment to reduce them.

However, very few women know for sure that there is a risk of pregnancy in the menopause.

Although during the first phase of menopause the ovaries tend to cease his activity, which very few women are aware is that this reduction is always performed gradually.

So, while it is true that is reduced significantly the capacity of women to conceive, it is necessary to know that this capacity is not reduced or vanishes completely, there therefore a risk of pregnancy in the menopause.

For this reason, it is useful - and necessary - to how to avoid the risk of pregnancy, so precisely that there is no:

Even if you do not have menstruation, not prescindas contraceptive methods without that before a year has elapsed since you've had the last rule. However, always you should consult your doctor so he recommended you leave when these methods, since many women may have a new period even past a year after appearing the amenorrhea.

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