Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Caffeine and medications

cafeina-medicamentosThere are many myths and folk tales, in one way or another, with coffee as a special and main protagonist. For example, among the most significant we find that, for example, coffee often really a harmful drink for health.However, the truth is that consumed in its fair measure (How many cups of coffee you can take a day?), there are many benefits of coffee, which can be particularly provide us with a good Cup of coffee.This is due to the varied amount of polyphenols and caffeine containing the coffee itself. In this sense, it can also be useful to know the different effects of caffeine on health, as well as the various benefits of caffeine.But if we put together coffee and drugs, the truth is that caffeine can cause severe reactions when combined with certain medications.Although caffeine can bring certain benefits, particularly if we take into perspective, many experts warn of reactions that can cause if it is combined with a series of medications which are often eaten on a regular basis.Here's what these drugs:Tranquilizantes: because caffeine is a good general activator of the Agency, he tends to decrease the relaxing and sedative effects of tranquilizers.Antidepressants: taken together can cause cardiac arrhythmia and hypertension.Birth control pills: to delay the removal of caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, and insomnia.Medications for ulcers: tend to cause the same symptoms as birth control pills.Image / garweewe'd love to hear your opinion. Please make sure that your comments are related to the theme of this post. Promotional or considered SPAM comments will not be accepted.

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