Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hypertension and hypotension: differences

hipertension-hipotensionIt high blood pressure may become a serious health problem, especially when is cronifica or when, in the end, tends to stay high in the long term.This is because it can affect the kidneys, liver and heart, to weaken these important bodies needed for life.In this sense, is diagnosed high blood pressure when there is blood pressure greater than 130-139/85-89 mm Hg (systolic/diastolic).However, we can also find with hypotension, an equally abnormal condition that appears when the person a decrease in pressure of 30 mm Hg (relative to its normal pressure), or pressure systolic less than 90 mm Hg.Por thisIt is essential and necessary to know the differences of hypotension and hypertension.As we have seen, the hypotension is characterized by the appearance of a blood pressure less than what is considered as normal (120/80 mm Hg). In this sense, it is diagnosed when, in the individual, there is a decrease in pressure of 30 mm Hg below its usual pressure, either a systolic pressure of less than 90 mm Hg.Asimismo, hypertension is characterized by the existence of a blood pressure generally greater 130-139/85-89 mm Hg (systolic/diastolic).It is necessary to know both hypertension and hypotension may be severe in the long term, that affect the heart, kidneys and liver.Hypotension can also affect the Central nervous system and peripheral arteries.Therefore, it is necessary to see a doctor before any symptoms, which will help us to reduce the levels in the case of high blood pressure, and upload them in the event of hypotension (know how preventing hypotension).Image / sundesignswe'd love to hear your opinion. Please make sure that your comments are related to the theme of this post. Promotional or considered SPAM comments will not be accepted.

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