Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Properties and benefits of the Chia

The Chia, or salvia hispanica, is a very nutritious family of mint seed. This plant is native to Mexico and Guatemala but today is produced in large quantities in Peru. The Chia has a long history as highly nutritious and beneficial to health. In fact it is the only plant that has a medicinal patent pending.

The Chia contains 8 times acids fat omega-3 salmon.The Chia contains 4 times more fiber Chia linazaLa contains 6 times more calcium that milk Chia enteraLa contains 7 times more vitamin C containing the Chia naranjasLa 3 times more antioxidants Chia azulesLa blueberries contains 15 times more magnesium than the Chia brócoliLa contains three times more iron than spinach

In addition to all this wealth, the Chia also contains other vitamins of Group B, potassium, zinc, selenium and vitamin A and folic acid. Furthermore it contains no glúten.

Recent studies show that the Chia could help in the treatment of diabetes type 2Controla hunger for what can help people trying to lose pesoMejora the health of the corazónPersonas who are taking medications for high blood pressure should not consume Chia, as this seed can lower the blood pressure. Neither her should consume the people who are taking medicines for arralar the sangrePor its fiber content, the Chia could cause constipation if not taking enough water or diarreaPersonas allergic to some plants could be allergic reactions to eat Chia

Consult a doctor before starting to eat seeds of Chia.

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