Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot cocoa for the skin and the heart

In several countries we are entering the season of cold and many took the opportunity to take a cup of hot cocoa while you read a book or see television. Because this cup of hot cocoa may serve more than warm! A recent study, a group of women who took hot cocoa every day for 12 weeks had a skin more humectada and tonificada than women who did not take. This is due to the cocoa contains flavonoids, some compounds that promote the movement and thus get you more nutrients to the skin.

On the other hand, take 12 ounces of hot cocoa a day could help people suffering from high blood pressure. An analysis of five studies, found that this amount can help to lower the pressure up to four points. This means that the risk of having a heart attack can be reduced by 10%.

In addition, researchers at the University of Cornwell say that the drink of cocoa has more antioxidants than red wine and tea. In this study the amount of antioxidants in the drink of cocoa was 2 times more than the amount in wine red, 2-3 times larger than that of green tea and 4-5 times larger than the black tea. To take advantage of antioxidants to the maximum recommended to the cocoa with hot water or some other substitute of milk, because milk inhibits the release of antioxidants.

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